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Pinterest Promotional  Video



Promotional video



Explore Your Inspirations on Pinterest! The 1 min animation video is created for promoting Pinterest mobile applications’ features in order to increase the user base for mobile applications. I used the “circle”, which is the symbol of Pinterest mobile features, to create a vivid animated story through a record player. It shows how to collect your ideas and turning your inspirations into action as fun as like DJ. I hope a creative version of storytelling can attract more users to the Pinterest.

Key Elements


Figure 1: Use the movements of the ball to represent the concept of "inspire" and "discover".


Figure 2:  Connect the line to draw the balls in order to symbolize the idea of "make"


Figure 3:  Use the 3D technique to move the camera and bring the scene from the runway to the vinyl record player


Figure 4:  Moving balls become hashtags to show how does the app work


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