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As a passionate and motivated professional, I’m constantly striving to improve my techniques, expand my skill set and find new opportunities to grow. This is a collection of my posters, showing the path of growth from past to now.


Formula One

World Championships


The first poster is about the Formula One World Constructors' Championship. Since 1981, F1 teams have been required to build the chassis in which they compete, and consequently, the terms "team" and "constructor" became more or less interchangeable. The “y” cells represent numbers of Championships that the team won; the “x” cells are based on a timeline. 


Each car is designed based on their real appearance in the most successful period, including advertisings of their sponsors on cars' surface, Logos and shapes of the cars.


Trans Rights Are Human Rights!

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Top-selling Bands


The first one is a poster of best-selling camera brands, released between 1940 and 2018. The second one is a poster of best-selling mobile phones in 2012. The last one is a poster of best-selling video game consoles companies in 2018.

The largest type of name represents the top-selling company. All the positions of companies' names are based on geography.


Shakespeare's Posters


The series of posters were used traffic signs as the background images,
in order to make the old plays a modern look. Two cross one-way signs symbolize the destiny of Macbeth and Macbeth's wife. It takes Macbeth and Lady Macbeth into the realms of madness and death.

The ahead sign makes people aware of a coming powerful storm. The end sign reflects the tragedy of Prince Hamlet. I used Josefin Sans as the typeface. To make the title more interesting, I adjusted the type up-and-down like "Mac" is a little bit higher than "beth".


Neon Genesis Evangelion:

You are not alone! - Movie posters


The Transgender Poster


The interval between men and women is in fact, more profound than merely two catalogs. The purpose of this poster is to present a transgender presence as I depicted the true appearance of an FTM (Female to Male). I aim to encourage transgenders’ self-expression and declare to the public that gender is not the only dichotomy.


Signs of Taiwan

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螢幕快照 2019-05-22 下午10.32.58.png
螢幕快照 2019-05-22 下午10.33.07.png

Shop signs in Taiwan are intensively packed. With numerous 24/7 shops, Taipei is a bright city that never sleeps.


Inspired by large amounts of signboards in Taiwan, I designed the Chinese and English characters based on my personal experience of living in Taiwanese streets. To be more specific, I used the shape of signboards and lights to form a series of standard characters.


Poster of Psychedelic Rock Festival


The poster was designed for the Psychedelic Rock Festival at Taipei. My inspiration came from neo-psychedelia music, characterized by many blenders and lo-fi signals. Therefore, I designed the title with curvy characters to express psychedelic feelings and used grainy film photos to echo the theme:Japanese Shoegazing. In the background, I cross-processed my film photos to create psychedelic effects.