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CIRCUIT - Exhibition Visuals



Motion Graphic



Our exhibition is “Circuit”, a metaphor for a life journey. We used interactive projection and AR to tell life stories, gathered and filmed from 30 young talented people. I was in charge of the main visual design. My inspiration derived from my team’s project, in the end, I designed a door with overlapping circles, intending to invite audiences to start their own unique journeys.  I also created an animated logo and put it on our Facebook fan page to attract more visitors.

Visual Designer - Akira Lee

UX Engineer - Hsuan Huang

PM, Curator - Yi Hsin Chang, Lisa Wang

Logo Animation


Figure 1: 5 seconds motion graphic

Visual Identity

Figure 2: The exhibition visuals and merchandise design —— Stickers, Poster, Handbag, Business Card and CD cover.

Design System

螢幕快照 2019-01-21 下午2.49.24.png

Figure 3: Logotype and standard colors. There are two types of logo versions.

About the Exhibition

4th DCT Thesis Exhibition, National Chengchi University – Taipei, Taiwan

Interactive Installation (collaborative project), 2015


Figure 4: one of the mapping projections at CIRCUIT.

The topic of the exhibition: Circuit has two different meanings. First, it means electric wires. Second, it represents a life journey. This exhibition, like what circuit means, used Arduino, movable devices combined Augmented Reality and mapping projection to tell the life story. ​


We interviewed, gathered and filmed 30 treasured stories from young talented people in art and design and tried to arouse the audience’s collective memories or newly create mutual experiences by the mapping projection.


Figure 5: The audience is playing the AR installation.

To elaborate, we projected three virtual doors as the interface showing random videos. Users can press a physical button to switch different memories and also can use their movable devices to collect and arrange the journey.


By using interactive projection, the audiences can walk back and forth freely among the virtual doors like weaving between the memories.

Demo Video

We recorded the exhibition. We invited one audience to help us finish the film. 

Figure 5: screenshots of the film 

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