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The Filtre Cafe's goal is to serve customers with the best cup of drip coffee, been filtered through many layers.  The company was a start-up small business. I help them to build their brand from visual concept to a branding guideline and they therefore secured funding.

Target Audience: 30-somethings base

Client: Filtre Cafe Co.—


Design Process

pleansnt_design process-05.png



Design System

Using the Fertigo Pro Font - Regular and editing the details.



My original design concept came from the coffee filter's wavy appearance, therefore I applied the idea to the letter "F" of the Logo, representing the process of coffee filtration from top to bottom. Beside the cup icon is a smaller letter "C" in a simple font style, expressing warmness and also visualizing a classical aesthetic.


Figure 1: the first round of logo design.


Figure 2: the second round of logo design: choosing the typeface that matches the icon the most.


Visual Identity

Figure 3: Clean style —— Letter, Envelope, Business Card

Packaging Design

Figure 4:

(1) Hot foil stamping (Drip box cover)

(2) Drip box (open)

(3) Coffee bean bag and box (with labels)

(4) Drip bag (5 flavors)